Elizabeth Ogilvie
Talbot Rice Gallery University of Edinburgh 1984
Supported by The Scottish Arts Council
Publication: Sea Papers
Text Robert Callender Published University of Edinburgh

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Extract Sea Papers

...Elizabeth Ogilvie's obsessive interest in the sea lies deep withing her personality and ancestral background.Her mother's family came from the remote island of St Kilda while on her father's side the family were renowned builders of clipper ships in Aberdeen, so her chosen path could not be more natural.

...I prefer to see the work in this exhibition as pure drawing in that it is solely executed in pencil and not embellished with watercolour or coloured chalks. There is no compromise.

... However, for me, the most fascinating aspect of the work is the hypnotic effect of the millions of marks. That woven web of lines which define an infinite space, the subtle changes in their intensity across the vast surfaces lures the mind into a contemplative experience far beyond the initial response.
Beyond the surface lies the substance of the art.