Elizabeth Ogilvie
Curated by PACE Public Art Commissions and Exhibitions Edinburgh
BT Scotland Headquarters Alexander Graham Bell House Edinburgh Park Edinburgh
This Installation Won The Saltire Society Art & Architecture Award 2002

Publication: Alexander Graham Bell House
Author Susanna Beaumont

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Permanent site-specific installation, FLOW ZEROS AND ONES
Opti white glass panels st/st holographic film
40 panels each 4Mx150cm suspended in 20M atrium

Commissioned by BT SCOTLAND for New Headquarters
Alexander Graham Bell House Edinburgh Park

BENNETTS ASSOCIATES ARCHITECTS Winner of Architects of Year Scottish Design Awards for above, Edinburgh and London
Glass - HARAN
Arts Consultants: PACE Edinburgh
Further art work in building by Adam Barker-Mill Shauna McMullan for example

In addressing one of five atria, Elizabeth Ogilvie was keen to create an artwork that could be viewed from many angles yet did not monopolise the floorspace. This echoed Bennetts Associates aim to create offices built on a clear articulation of space: a series of open-plan offices that offered intriguing views and vistas. To this end, Ogilvie suspended over fifty slender shafts of glass from the ceiling. The shafts are arranged in seven rows, each row hangng a different height from the ceiling. The effect is a cascade of shimmering glass panels which can be viewed from the ground floor and the two upper storeys. In considering the theme of communication, Ogilvie introduced a binary code. Each glass panel is set with holographic film depicting the binary code.
When a breeze catches the glass causing it to gently sway, the holographic film changes colour from red, to green to blue.

Susanna Beaumont