Elizabeth Ogilvie
Forth Ports Warehouse Kirkcaldy Dock Kirkcaldy Fife Scotland June-September 2001

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2001-02 CREATIVE SCOTLAND AWARD Scottish Arts Council National Lottery Funding 25K

THE LIQUID ROOM Forth Ports Warehouse realized after receiving this prestigious Award Ogilvie used substantial National Lottery Funding arising from the award to project - manage and develop a three month project at Kirkcaldy Dock in Scotland.

Spectacular internal water installation Roofing materials fitted over floor and flooded produce vast pool reflecting the tranquil space Access by catwalks with viewing benches

'The latest work by artist Elizabeth Ogilvie The Liquid Room has been described as one of the most breathtaking ambitious installations ever seen in Scotland. Funded with help of £25,000 Scottish Arts Council Creative Scotland Award, artist has transformed derelict 70X13M warehouse on Kirkcaldy Dock into a water installation which merges art architecture science.
Thirteen artists from all disciplines, including visual artists Nathan Coley Rod Buchanan poets John Burnside, Kathleen Jamie received awards’

The sea and water were the genesis of settlement for Kirkcaldy district, and as such, have been the main contributors to the areas former prosperity and varied industries over the centuries through its maritime trade with Holland & Germany, etc. Not only have the docks and waterfront helped form its links with the rest of the globe, but they have collaged the Fife coastal communities together. This coast, where I have a studio, has acted as a powerful catalyst for this project.

During the last years I have been commissioned to make large architectural installations in hangars and art galleries throughout the UK and art museums abroad, which has lead to invitations for permanent works. In these, as in most of my work, I have used water itself as the main component, creating a whole new world of possibilities for my ideas. This irrational, mysteriously living matter has lead me deeper and deeper into research and direct observation.

The philosophy behind this project is a natural development from last major water installation in the Netherlands, and pivots round a spectacular, uncompromising water installation, a fusion of art, architecture and science, in a former Forth Ports Warehouse Kirkcaldy Dock. Access to the space is by a conventional door, giving no clue of what lies beyond. The public enter the space by way of a catwalk, into a world of amazing reflections and the illusion of tremendous depth. The decks are flush with the water surface, simple viewing benches offering the public a place for contemplation. Each of the four shallow tracts of water embodies a particular idea related to the water cycle, and, above all, has the power to tranquilize. The installation also acts as a metaphor for the course of human life and a clue to the works deeper significance.