Contemporary Art on A Maritime Theme
Curated by Sandy Nairne Iwona Blaszczyk

Institute of Contemporary Arts [ICA]
London 1981

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Art and the Sea
Publication ICA London
Richard Calvocoressi
ISBN 0 905263 16 2
Arts Aryts 1981

David Nash Susan Hiller Will Maclean Robert Callender John Bellany Elizabeth Ogilvie Alan Davie Ian MKeever George Wyllie Barry Flanagan Ian Hamilton Finlay Ron Haselden Richard Layzell Peter Randall-Page etc

Extract Foreword
Vision alone is a poor means of conveying the power of the sea. These artists have turned away from the purely naturalistic, some by abstracting the essential linear aspects of the movement of water and wave forms. The emotional meaning of the sea is manifest in its kinetic qualities, its motion, its repetitive rhythms. These sequential images are difficult to convey in traditional visual terms. As a result many of the works in the exhibition are provocative and unsettling, challenging the eye and the mind.

Oh, how quietly and how still the heavy snow fades into the sea!
Graphite on paper on board perspex six fold screen 183x366cm