Elizabeth Ogilvie
A Person Devoting their study to water is a being in flux

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Elizabeth Ogilvie’s installations and whole current output refer to the global bodies and cyclical nature of all the world’s water-a celebration of the release, distribution, collection and evaporation of the oceans. She is also increasingly fascinated by the elemental substance of water as it runs through our lives. The scale and clarity of the work has evolved from an admiration for contemporary architecture and, in particular, the work of Tadao Ando, a master artist. But it is by the abstraction, simplification and refinement of design of such gardens as the ledendary Ryoan-ji that she has been most influenced. This stone garden performs the greatest feat by making us think of water when we see only stones. Contained in the rectangular plot is a profoundly simple view of the ocean, perfectly balanced, perfectly harmonious.

Within the new work’s quiet colours and spare language there exists a meditative quality and space for contemplation, creating a sanctuary for her audience.