Elizabeth Ogilvie representing UK
Curated by Young Dong You
Deagu International New Media Art Festival Daegu Arts Center Deagu South Korea 2006
Three screen video installation

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The film BODIES OF WATER signals the conclusion of one body of work and initiation of new research in which the artist examines water & rhythm.

In it, the artist collaborates and performs with Joji Hirota, internationally renowned Taiko drummer, composer /performer. Research & collaboration for this seminal work has arisen through a common fascination for water. Hirota originates from an area of the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido flanked by sea and mountain waters. Ogilvie spent her childhood, again amid sea & river, on the North East Coast of Scotland. They first met when invited to collaborate recently on a commissioned series of performances in Glasgow and plan to create a new work together in Japan.

The water cycle, from source to ocean to atmosphere, influencing the artistís major installation, embraces great rhythms within which multitudes of organisms live, humans included. The inner world of every living organism carries the memory of this watery environment from the gateway of birth. In the case of rhythm, water must be identified as its very element.