International Artistes Atelier Basel Switzerland. Residency 2001

Funded by the Christoph Merian Foundation,
Basel, Edinburgh College of Art

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Continuing research of water, the main research question was: Could I identify source [mountain] of rivers and streams in studying the water mineral content. Location one was Eiger, Eiger glacier and Aletsch Glacier,an expedition funded by Swiss Television, Zurich, who produced a feature film about project and my work at Aletsch Glacier and in Basel studio. Further rivers and streams were selected in Switzerland, including Rhine at Basel and smaller tributaries in Germany & Holland. Small samples were documented by associate, physicist in UK.

Instigated further research, visiting Herrischried, Institut Für Strömungwissenschaften, Black Forest, Germany, concerned with researching and rendering observable those properties of water which mediate its life supporting functions influencing much of recent outputs and philosophy of water.[1] Through studying their thinking and publications, ie, Schwenk T. Sensitive Chaos, recognized how to proceed with own research to a degree through anthroposophic oriented scientific approach to water.